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The Story Travels

The galley has officially traveled from coast to coast, from New York to Hawaii, and it even got leied!

Early feedback has been incredibly generous and positive. Here are some snippets:

"Seriously ambitious, from the little insights that revealed aspects of marriage, womanhood, family, community, and love to the pure execution. You managed to take all these different characters, perspectives, stories and intertwine them into this Fantastic tale that keeps twisting, keeping me guessing and challenging what the reader knows/understands. And all these interweaving aspects really do weave together, making them inseparable by the end."

"I couldn't stop reading. Excellent use of imagery and folklore. The unexpected twists and myriads of perspectives put the puzzle of the initial landscape together beautifully in the end."

"As a writer, holy cow! I don't know how you did it, but the structure, the voice, the tense shifts, all of it. Just amazing. The kind of thing you want to take back to your writing group and say, "See? This is how it's done." It felt special from the beginning."

You can also find an early blurb from National Book Award finalist Cristina Garcia on my homepage or the Forest Avenue Press catalog page.

Thank you again to those who are reading super-advanced copies (ARC with cover design to come) and unlocking the DNA of The Hour of Daydreams in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Florida ... I'm humbled to know the story awakens in your hands.


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