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Hour of Daydreams front cover with forew

The Hour of Daydreams

In this contemporary reimagining of a Filipino folktale, Manolo Lualhati, a respected doctor in the Philippine countryside, believes his wife hides a secret. Prior to their marriage, he spied her wearing wings and flying to the stars each evening. As Tala tries to keep her dangerous past from her new husband, Manolo begins questioning the gaps in her stories, and his suspicions push him even further from the truth. The Hour of Daydreams weaves in the perspectives of Tala's siblings, her new in-laws, and the all-seeing housekeeper while exploring trust, identity, and how myths can take root from the seeds of our most difficult truths. Find it on: GoodReads

"This is a novel that readers, both young and old alike, won't be able to help but savor."
-Leslye Walton, New York Times best-selling author 



Reporting: Alameda Climate Restoration Circle Changes the Conversation about Global Warming

May 8, 2019, Alameda Magazine

Reporting: Yojimbo Doubles as an Art Gallery

April 5, 2019, Alameda Magazine

Story behind the unique artwork in an Alameda restaurant.

Reporting: The All Good Living Foundation Helps the Community Pull Together for the Homeless

January 9, 2019, Alameda Magazine

While they may not be visible, over 100 homeless children live in Alameda. This is how one local foundation is bridging the school district, business community, nonprofit community, and residents to help them.

Reporting: Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Opens this Fall in Alameda

October 2018, Alameda Magazine

One woman's activism and vision of open space in a built-out city leads to a David vs Goliath court case against a railroad that she helped the City of Alameda win. As someone who loves the outdoors, learning the history behind what will be the largest park where I live has helped me to appreciate it more.

Travel Essay: The Dance

June 2018, Mabuhay Magazine

My essay on finding creative inspiration in Spain in a portfolio of travel writings by four Filipina-American writers, including Elaine Castillo, Melissa R. Sipin, and Gina Apostol, with an introduction by PJ Gubatina Policarpio. 

Excerpt from U-Turn Before Arrival, a novel in progress

Winter/Spring 2018, The Timberline Review

Excerpt from my novel in progress about the challenges of finding independence while immersed in a Filipino family. 

Review: Voices of a Movement in A Time to Rise

February 27, 2018, The FilAm

On the collective memoirs of 42 Filipino activists and the lessons they share on organizing, mobilizing, and effecting change today. 

Reporting: "Alameda's Real Rock Wall"

February 2018, Alameda Magazine

On the local culture, natural selection, and history that converge in one off-the-radar location.

Excerpt from The Hour of Daydreams

Winter 2017, Issue 7, Tayo Literary Magazine

Novel chapter "Shadows, Ghosts" in Tayo, which publishes writing that "knifes, lifts, and strikes at the emotive truth of all things lost and adrift."

Reporting: "Everyone Belongs Here: A Poster Designed to Stand Up Against Bullying Finds Universal Fans"

January 2018, Alameda Magazine

On the history behind a rallying cry against discrimination in the classroom that's become a motto for inclusion and empowerment, spreading nationally from one small city.

Reporting: "Fairy Doors Get Political"

November 2017, Alameda Magazine

Some of Alameda's fairy doors lend voice to the political conversation, and not everyone's happy. Is art for expression or escape?

Personal Essay: "Stepping to the Podium: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking"

November 11, 2017, Karma Compass/Living Artist Project

On bringing my novel from behind the scenes to the public.  

Personal Essay: "My First Post Office Run"

June 5, 2017, The Quivering Pen

Essay on submitting my full novel manuscript out for the first time.

Personal Essay: "Writing Toward Home"

May 11, 2017, The Margins

On setting my novel in the Philippines, which I haven't seen since the age of 4.

Short Story: "The Cigarette Thieves"

Spring 2017, The Tishman Review

A short story that takes place in Manila, Philippines, about the everyday hustle to get by and the loyalties shattered along the way.

Excerpt from The Hour of Daydreams

April 29, 2017, Maganda Magazine

Novel excerpt in UC Berkeley's Maganda, issue#30: "Trial." Maganda is the longest running Filipino literary arts publication in the nation. 

Personal Essay: "A Bedrock of Ghost Stories"

April 21, 2017, Necessary Fiction

For the Research Notes column, how a childhood fascination influenced the writing of my novel.

Personal Essay: "Every Word Is an Act of Resistance; Finding My Voice as a Filipino Writer"

February 10, 2017, Literary Hub

An essay on writing as a form of resistance, being silenced as a Filipino immigrant, and finding my voice through writing. 

Personal Essay: "Writing Past the Happily Ever After"

December 27, 2016, Women Writers, Women's Books

On what inspired me to write my novel and my take on the modern-day fairytale.

Essay/Creative Nonfiction: "Moved by Duende: Musings on Garcia Lorca's Earth Spirit"

August 2016, Ford City Anthology

My exploration of duende as a moving force in a writer's process. The essays in this Urban Farmhouse Press anthology investigate how writers construct their literary worlds. 

Creative Nonfiction: "Breathing Under Water"

July 11, 2016, Mutha Magazine 

Travel piece about learning and letting go as a parent.

Personal Essay: "How I Tell My Mestiza Daughters They're Pretty"

October 21, 2015, Mutha Magazine

On raising confident bi-racial Filipina and Puerto Rican daughters.

Short Story: "Flight"

July 12, 2015, Red Earth Review

A short story about loss and the unexpected guises in which it may appear. 

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